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We have selected the most common questions that are asked. If your question is not here please contact us.

Do I need a referral from my Doctor for a CPAP trial?
A referral from your Doctor is preferred; we like to communicate with your Doctor as successfully treating OSA often results in improvement in other medical issues. e.g. Weight loss, Hypertension, blood sugar regulation in diabetes and many health issues.
How much does a CPAP trial cost?
The cost of a 6 week trial is $280.00. This includes the initial appointment of approx. 90 minutes and subsequent appointments which are approx. 20 minutes. Appointments required are dependent on client, but on an average 4-5 appointments. Our goal is to have each client successfully using CPAP after 6 weeks.
Do I have to purchase a CPAP machine from you after the 6 weeks?
You are under no obligation to purchase from us, but if you do you will be refunded $250, from your trial costs.
Are there alternative treatments for Obstructive Sleep Apnoea other than CPAP?
Yes there are, it is extremely important to discuss these with your Doctor. CPAP does remain the “Gold Star” treatment.
Can I claim any costs from my private health fund?
Yes some services are covered . However not all funds participate, please check your policy with your fund.
Do I have to book?
Yes. Our CPAP nurses are seen by appointment only.
Where are we located?
Complete Care CPAP Services has two clinics UNLEY PARK - Unit 2/3 402 Unley Rd, Unley Park 5061. GAWLER - 16 Adelaide Rd, Gawler
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