Case Studies

Dementia Sleep Link

The Advertiser is reporting (03/06/2015 ) that Researchers believe that poor sleep, allows a memory robbing protein to build up in the brain. Tossing and turning through the night could raise your odds of developing Alzheimers. If this link is as important as believed, sleep therapies could help delay Read more

Do You Need a Sleep Study

Sleep, wake up with energy? If not and you have other symptoms you may need a sleep study. click on this link for more information  Read more

Erectile Dysfunction

Lack of sex a health issue? A quiet little side effect of untreated OSA. Erectile Dysfunction . There can be many reasons why you can have Erectile Dysfunction, often these associated diseases have a link with OSA. Diabetes, hardening of the arteries, and obesity. In fact erectile dysfunction is used Read more

Helen’s story

Case Studies

helen's story

Helen was unable to fulfill her work commitments due to constant fatigue. Her weight was continuing to increase, the combination of her fatigue and weight gain left her not only extremely fatigued, but also depressed. Her sleep study results confirmed she was suffering from severe Obstructive Sleep Apnoea.
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David’s story

Case Studies

david's story

David was 20 years old when he commenced CPAP. He had always been tired. He had really struggled with fatigue during year 12. He had been reassured his fatigue was normal for a teenager. This was incorrect. His fatigue was due to his Obstructive Sleep Apnoea, diagnosed after his GP had requested a Mycroft sleep study. After David commenced his CPAP trial, he felt better. After a few weeks he was able to recommence his law degree.

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